Frequent Flyer Miles – How to Travel For Free

One of the best things available in this recessive economy for people that like to travel our frequent flyer miles. This allows you to go anyplace in the world on the airline’s dime because you were able to save up enough flyer miles or flyer points to go wherever you want. Here are few tips on how you can generate more flyer miles to take you where you want to go.

I remember the first time that I actually took a trip using frequent flier miles. I had actually charged several thousand dollars in payments on a credit card. This allowed me to jumpstart the process. Later on, I took a few trips and by combining these points with the others, I was able to fly for free to the destination of my choice.

There is a secret that you need to know if you are ever going to do this on a regular basis. Most people simply charge their plane tickets on a credit card that has flyer points and accrue them this way. There is another way that you can generate several plane tickets a year by doing just a few simple things.

If you have a job and consistently work, this technique is best suited for you. It has to do with you paying your bills on time and on a continual basis. By using your credit card, you can actually generate tens of thousands of flyer points just by making payments to a variety of retailers.

You must remember that many businesses are not inclined to receive payments from a credit card. You must pay your bills only to those that will accept this type of reoccurring payment. By doing so, every time you make a bill payment, you will accrue more points.

At the end of the year, you and your family may be able to take a free vacation all because you did your due diligence and paid your bills on time. By doing this, you are not only maintaining your credit but also increasing your ability to spend time with your family in exotic places that you may never have seen unless you used this method.

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